Fire Rated


20, 45, 60 and 90 Minute Fire Rated MDF Doors

All Fire Rated Doors are constructed with intumescent cores which give them their fire rating. The look and design of the door is not compromised by the fire rating. Fire Rated Doors are utilized in commercial applications and in single family residential buildings from the garage to the house. Almost any design is available as a Fire Rated Door with ratings up to 90 minutes. (20, 45, 60 and 90)

Fire Rated Door Jambs are available in virtually any width to match the wall thickness. Positive or negative pressure veneered in any wood species to match doors with up to 90 minute ratings.

Quality Design

All fire doors are 1 3/4″ thick

All fire doors are positive pressure rated (CAT. A) Except 20 Minute which can be made Cat B.

Stile and rail construction to match non rated door designs

Routered door design to match routed doors

Can be made with raised or flat panels

Fire RatingDoor ThicknessMax Width SingleMax Width PairMax Height
20 Min. Cat A1 3/4"4' 0"8' 0"8' 0"
45 Min. Cat A1 3/4"3' 6"7' 0"8' 0"
60 Min. Cat A1 3/4"3' 6"7' 0"8' 0"
90 Min. Cat A1 3/4"3' 6"N/A8' 0"